Reshoring? Material Replacement Made Easy with PolySource

Reshoring? Material Replacement Made Easy with PolySource

Reshoring? Material Replacement Made Easy with PolySource

Known for being “The Fixers”, PolySource is always there to help define, decipher or decode the material challenges you may be facing, and as experts in material, we make the material selection or replacement process easy. Lately, there has been a rise in companies reshoring their programs, allowing PolySource to showcase one of our core competencies – outsourcing of materials from the Asia-Pacific region.

What is Reshoring?

In the simplest definition, reshoring is the process of taking production that was previously moved overseas, usually in China, and bringing the production back to the country that the project originated from, which is North America in most cases. Reshoring can mean that a tool is returning from overseas, or it can also refer to when a new tool is built in the original country, and the overseas production is now shut down.

The COVID-19 Effect

When the initial wave of COVID-19 hit the United States, one of the first areas of impact was our control. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many companies have quickly found out how reliant they were on outsourcing projects overseas. With travel restrictions and added safety measures, having programs offshore no longer provides the same benefits, as the potential savings come at the price of control, especially when comparing the lead times. Moving forward to keep the supply chain more stable, many companies are doing their part to avoid the uncertainties that lie ahead by reshoring their programs, touting more “Made in America” products.

While much of the early reshoring efforts were from the medical market to meet the surge of demand for medical equipment (see PolySource’s Response to COVID-19), it is expected that reshoring will continue to occur across all markets.

How long does it take to Reshore?

Reshoring is not an instantaneous process, as it takes time to consider the options and to receive quotes. The majority of the time spent in understanding the feasibility of reshoring is in the quoting phase because there are many aspects involved to fully understand how much it will cost to bring back a project, which includes finding the material and the associated costs.

When decision-makers are weighing the option to reshore a project, it is common that they will instantly think eight to 12 weeks, which is a common timeline to outsource the material from the Asia-Pacific market. When you work with PolySource, our lead time is not eight weeks, 10 weeks, or even 12 weeks; it is two days.

Since we stock our material, our lead time is one to two days, even though the material is from Asia-Pacific. In some cases, we have the opportunity to supply a material that we do not have in stock but are familiar with. In these situations, we communicate with our customers letting them know that the lead time will be one to two days, but the initial order will take time. To complete the initial order, we need to work closely together. Then, based on how we move forward, PolySource is willing to stock the material, meaning that the next time you need it, you will receive it in a day or two.

Working with PolySource means working with a resin distributor that you can trust, and as your partner, we not only stock the material you need, but also have no minimum order requirements needed to stock it. We will keep your material on hand, and when you need more, we will have it to you with a short turnaround.

How does this affect PolySource?

As more programs continue to reshore, there is an increasing amount of people searching for the same materials that were used in the Asia-Pacific region since the production molding was done there. With these programs beginning overseas, finding the same material or a material replacement can set up the anticipation of several challenges and possible headaches since the material is not well known.

For example, if you have a tool that is coming back, and it uses a material that you have never heard of, it can feel like there will be hours of work to find a replacement material when in reality, many of those materials are sold in the US, but they are not as popular or well-known.

PolySource’s Technical Expertise – Making Reshoring Easy 

Using “The Fixers” mentality to assist in application development and identifying the right material, PolySource helps by taking injection molders from “I have never heard of this material before” to “that was easy”. PolySource is one of the leaders in distribution by bringing material back from overseas because we understand all the materials from the Asia-Pacific region. With our experience sourcing material, we are proud to distribute many of the same or equivalent materials from that part of the world, instead of having to offer an offset, helping to adapt your reshoring program with ease.

Our technical expertise is one of our biggest advantages. With the deep depth of experienced veterans in our company, we can supply these materials, work with customs and get the materials here in the states, where we can stock it in a warehouse and supply it to you, fulfilling your deliveries on-time.

This knowledge comes into play when customers are not familiar with the material, as our team can not only help them find the correct material, but we also can walk them through all the material certifications and information to provide our customers with the peace of mind that they are getting the right material from a reputable supplier.

At PolySource, we have a long history of sourcing these materials, and we fully understand how to build relationships with suppliers and the best ways to import materials on-time, as this has truly been of our core competencies for many years. If you need help adapting your reshoring program to the United States, PolySource is here to make it easy.

Need material assistance reshoring your project? Contact “The Fixers” today and see how PolySource can help.