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We are The Fixers

Customers trust us to deliver plastic resin products – and information – with efficiency and courtesy.

Why Choose Polysource?

One-dimensional distributors can cut corners, leaving you with an imperfect resin product purchase.
PolySource takes every step with you—playing three essential roles in every customer relationship.

We are Distributors with laser customer focus and unmatched import expertise.

We are Consultants who bring the latest technical knowledge and support to the field.

We are Problem Solvers


Whatever your challenges might be, we’re prepared to assist.

Mission Statement

We provide technically superior solutions, through a knowledgeable sales force, supported by impeccable customer service, while delivering a quality product designed for customer-specific needs.

How Do We Help You?

We cover the fundamentals impeccably, and we respond to your questions about product specs, design and production immediately. Product shipments and delivery dates are double-checked, and we warehouse nearly everything we sell which means we have even greater control over logistics and delivery dates. These extra steps give us an edge in serving your resin needs efficiently.

What Do You Get?

You get a prepared team that has a full spectrum of resins, blends and compounds in stock at one of our distribution warehouses strategically located throughout the USA. When you have a question, or any other need, we answer our phones personally. In fact, you can reach us with product or manufacturing questions.

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