Global Supply

Globally Connected, Service United.

PolySource has unique partnerships that unites you with the best engineering plastics resins, compounds, and related technical services, through our global network of distribution companies who abide by a shared mission—Globally Connected, Service United.

Our global supply concept is simple but effective. Our established European & Asian companies, focused on application development and plastics distribution have partnered to serve Europe, NAFTA and Asia. Our alliance provides customers a consistency in service to all plastics businesses across the globe. PolySource believes in identifying customer needs, then developing a plan to satisfy those needs. Superior customer service and support infuse every project at no additional costs. More than a distributor, we excel at and emphasize:

  • Application development
  • Part design
  • Tool design
  • Custom formulations
  • Technical service
  • Warehousing and logistics

The global nature of today’s manufacturing business landscape makes it a competitive necessity to tap into a worldwide plastics network to fulfill the needs and requirements that make your global operation a success.

We know the importance of working within your budget and that to incur additional costs is simply unacceptable. Through our international cooperative, we’re able to provide unrivaled cost advantages to all of our OEMs and molders.

Are we right for you?

If any of the scenarios below sound like your organization, PolySource could be a perfect match to deliver the precise products you need. Let’s talk!

A true global OEM with a corporate purchasing model that requires a true global supplier that can deliver the same products to multiple locations worldwide

An OEM requiring or desiring a full customer service department that can support logistics via multiple warehouses globally

An OEM in need of full technical support including, but not limited, to material specification, formulation, application development and process troubleshooting

An OEM looking for a one stop shop—one supplier, one logistics coordinator, one customer service department, one channel of communication, one technical support team