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Your Reliable Resource for Technical Expertise and Application Development

Some suppliers are simply that—a middleman for moving product between two points. This is not PolySource. We believe that as suppliers, it’s our job to thoroughly understand the product we’re moving and share that knowledge with our customers, so that every decision you make is the right one.

As an application development focused business, it’s imperative for our field team to bring a deep understanding of new application developments and existing applications where a problem or issue may exist. That may relate to your current supplier, IE, part failure, lead time, inventory, cost competitiveness, or a host of other concerns.

Heads Above the Typical Support Team

Our in-house Technology Support is not your typical technical “service desk” team. These are experts in the field, ready to evaluate your specific product requirements, share their knowledge and best practices with you, and collaborate on the best possible solution.

We take a consultative approach to every customer interaction, providing hands-on information and recommendations on a variety of important considerations:

  • Process optimization assistance – remote and on-site
  • Material selection and development assistance
  • Custom formulation development
  • Part and mold design
  • Mold flow

  • FEA
  • Tooling design and optimization
  • Wear and friction expertise/testing
  • In-depth understanding of regulatory agencies (e.g. UL, NSF)
  • Automotive specs

One Expert Contact for All Your Questions

Customer design?


Process and application engineers?

Logistics and purchasing?

Check, check and check. Our technical solutions experts serve as a single, dependable point of contact for everyone on your team. Along with years of in-the- field experience at our disposal, we draw from our large toolbox of resources and insight from more than 25 domestic and international plastic resin producers. Let us put our experience and record of customer success to work for you!

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