Who We Serve

We serve molders and OEM’s all over the country

and around the world

Plastics Experts

Ready To Help

We are technically-trained professionals that engage with owners, engineers, production staff, purchasing, and other key executives. We know the disciplines of plastic design, tooling design, troubleshooting and material selection.  We strive to be an extension of your engineering department.

Customer Service

Heart and Soul of Our Company

Our customer service staff works to develop personal relationships with all of our internal and external stakeholders. We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction.

How We Can Help You

Custom formulations based on application engineering

From 50 lbs to the largest orders for custom compounding

Warehousing for convenient, on-time delivery

Coloring at production level for economics and performance

Established global relationships that connect customers and producers

In-house technical support for processing, part design, tool design and material selection

National and International Customer Coverage

We cover a large geographical area and are truly a global company. Our international geography includes Canada, Asia, Europe, and Mexico.

See our US warehouse locations on the accompanying map.

Our Suppliers