Selecting the Right Resin To Meet Application Requirements

Selecting the right material up front in the application design stage is critical in avoiding program delays, failures and possible re-calls/warranty issues. Today, more than ever, getting support in material selection has become a challenge for both OEMS/End Users and polymer processors. Most resin suppliers no longer provide the extensive depth of technical support they once did and now rely on their distribution partners to offer front line technical support including new application material selection to both OEMS/End Users and polymer processors. In addition, over the years most OEMS/End Users and polymer processors had a “materials guy” in the ranks who, through years of experience, provided these material recommendations internally. Those “material experts” have retired or getting ready to retire leaving a large void that has become very difficult to fill. In some cases, this has resulted in OEMS/End Users and polymer processors continuing to use the same material(s) regardless of the “new” application requirements which in turn can lead to failure.

This webinar is developed to help in the material selection process by helping identify ALL the application requirements in order to determine the best material option(s).

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