Comparing Resin Material Toughness and Heat Resistance

In these times of very difficult raw material shortages, it is vital to apply the broadest view on how to judge acceptable options. It can be a challenge determining and comparing material performance when suppliers report properties using different test methods.

When determining a material’s toughness and impact strength, how do you compare values using Izod vs. Charpy vs. Gardner vs. DynaTup vs. stress and strain (area under the curve) values? In determining a material’s heat resistance, when do you use HDT (66 psi vs. 264 psi vs. annealed values vs. unannealed) vs. continuous use temperature? What does each test measure? Can they be correlated? When do you use one test instead of another based on your application’s requirements?

This webinar will compare and contrast common test methods and highlight which test methods provide similar data and insight on material performance. Also discussed will be testing toughness/impact strength and heat resistance test methods and how best to use each test based on your application’s critical-to-quality (CTQ) trees. Comparisons will be made between materials using the different methods and comparing results.

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