Retegra™: Revolutionizing Resins for a Sustainable Future

Retegra™: Revolutionizing Resins for a Sustainable Future

In today’s world, sustainability and reducing plastic waste have become a big focus of the plastics industry, but finding a sustainable resin isn’t always easy. Since reusing plastic can diminish its performance, it can’t be processed endlessly – there must be a perfect balance between engineering requirements and recycled content. Enter Retegra: PolySource’s innovative product line that’s revolutionizing plastic materials by focusing on sustainability and embracing the principles of the circular economy. Let’s explore how Retegra is transforming the landscape of plastic solutions, contributing to a more environmentally conscious future while meeting the unique needs of our customers.

Setting a New Standard for Sustainable Resins

PolySource’s vision for Retegra centers around minimizing plastic waste in landfills and incinerators while providing multiple generations of value to our customers. Unlike regrind material, Retegra was designed and formulated to specifically address sustainability, with third-party certification for post-industrial recycled (PIR) and post-consumer recycled (PCR) content. This certification ensures that the use of recycled materials in Retegra products is highly controlled from lot to lot, providing transparency and accountability, and is a vital part of going above and beyond to support the circular economy and promote sustainable practices in the plastics industry.

Advantages for Finished Products

Retegra’s certification for post-consumer content reinforces it as a sustainable alternative to standard recycled materials, but the product line stands out for reasons beyond its environmental impact. Indeed, integrating Retegra into finished products comes with many benefits.

The composition and content of Retegra products are strictly controlled, maintaining quality that rivals prime virgin materials. Additionally, Retegra exhibits excellent lot-to-lot consistency, ensuring manufacturers can rely on its performance and characteristics over time. This stability is a significant advantage, allowing Retegra to stand as a reliable and prime virgin alternative that enhances the overall features of end products, streamlines production processes, and reduces potential inconsistencies.

Retegra also has the advantage of versatility; it can be used for a variety of finished products, either at 100% content or a certain percentage mixed with virgin plastics. Known as “The Fixers” for our team’s ability to solve problems and find the perfect solutions, we utilize the PolySource Design Funnel to review the critical needs of each customer’s application, analyzing the physical, chemical, thermal, mechanical, and regulatory requirements. By doing so, we determine the optimal percentage of Retegra material to use in the resin for each customer’s application.

Retegra’s Influence Across Industries

Retegra is proving its potential across diverse industries, with a notable focus on enhancing plastic packaging for food products. Its use in FDA-regulated and food contact applications further emphasizes its safety and eco-friendliness.

However, Retegra’s impact isn’t limited to the food industry alone. One remarkable success story emerged after our discovery of post-consumer content flame retardant PC ABS material in China. This material, certified to meet UL flammability requirements, found its use in a data server center’s electronics hardware. This substantial application demonstrates Retegra’s efficacy and highlights its crucial role in advancing sustainability endeavors.

Ensuring Quality and Reliability in Retegra Production

PolySource ensures the highest standards in Retegra production through stringent quality assurance measures. Each Retegra product is internally tested to meet specified quality ranges and show superior physical properties for a range of applications and industries. Additionally, third-party certifications for compliance with food regulations and lot-to-lot certifications guarantee the quality and consistency of each Retegra product, instilling confidence in its reliability and environmental benefits.


Retegra is a pioneering product line in the quest for sustainability, leading the way in responsible plastic solutions with a commitment to the circular economy and an efficient use of recycled materials. Furthermore, PolySource’s collaboration with customers and commitment to industry innovation reinforces Retegra as a conduit for transforming plastic waste into value. Embracing Retegra means embracing sustainability and positively impacting the environment, one product at a time.

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