PolySource Announces Expansion on POK Material Line

PolySource Announces Expansion on POK Material Line

The Growing Product Line Serves as Engineered Thermoplastic Resin Material Replacement

Independence, MO (April 7, 2021) – PolySource, a leading distributor of engineered resins solutions, today announced an expansion to their polyketone (POK) product line. The company saw the opportunity to build out this resin product line to provide added product replacement opportunities as the ongoing resin shortages continue.

Aliphatic polyketone is a family of high-performance thermoplastic polymers that can provide a material alternative for resins that are in short supply.

“We call POK ‘polyethylene on steroids’, and it is easy to see why – POK boasts exceptional resistance to chemicals and acids and can handle a broad range of temperatures and humidity,” said Dr. Cliff Watkins, Director of Applications Development at PolySource.

With weather issues, COVID-19 related shutdowns, short staffing and the demand for several engineered resin materials exceeding the supply available right now, PolySource knew this was the right time to expand the POK line. The expansion includes impact-modified and glass-filled resin options.

“The current conditions have introduced several challenges to the plastics industry, and we do not expect things to be back on track within the year,” said Grant John, President and CEO at PolySource. “These challenges make it necessary to pivot from their traditions and find more innovative solutions, and POK is far from a ‘last resort’ material. We could even see a trend in consumers favoring polyketone for years to come.”

After years of successfully implementing innovative solutions with POK as a material replacement, PolySource saw the potential to expand to provide custom compounding solutions.

“PolySource has a history of replacing materials with POK, and lately, we have been running many trials with POK with some impressive findings,” said Watkins. “Our team has developed some brand-new high-impact POK grades to help even with those very tough supply issues. We put POK replacements to the test, and all six examples (PA6, PA6 IM, POM IM, PA66, PA612 IM, POM) were successful.”

The additions to PolySource’s polyketone family are immediately available. With a continued focus on developing custom formulations based on applications instead of material replacement, the company expects the product line to continue to grow. For more information, visit www.polysource.net.


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