Polysource and SK Chemical to Expand US Distribution Sales

PolySource and SK Chemical Americas will cooperate to expand US Distribution sales with Copolyester, heat-resistant ECOZEN, and Chemically Recycled Sustainable Products

PolySource, a leading distributor of engineered resin solutions, recently announced an expansion of its product line with materials from SK Chemicals. Both companies are looking forward to this opportunity to work together and showcase a wider range of sustainable resins to a larger audience.

SK Chemicals is a Korean-based plastics manufacturing company dedicated to utilizing green chemicals, such as PET, PETG, and antibacterial agents to manufacture high-quality, high-performance products that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

PolySource will add several SK Chemicals products to their portfolio, including ECOZEN® Bio-copolyester, SKYGREEN® PETG and PCTG, and SKYPEL® Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer. ECOZEN® Bio-copolyester is a bio-based, heat-resistant, and transparent bio-copolyester with advantages over conventional PETG resins. SKYGREEN® PETG and PCTG are BPA-free high-performance resins with high transparency, chemical resistance, and processability. SKYPEL® Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomers are polyester-based thermoplastic elastomers with properties of both rubber and engineered plastic.    

“This is a good fit for PolySource, and SK Chemicals’ eco-friendly resins will be an excellent addition to all the products our business has to offer,” says Grant John, President of PolySource. “We look forward to all the opportunities both our companies will have in the future.”

The three materials from the SK Chemicals product line are immediately available at PolySource. Both companies expect the product line to grow as plastic manufacturers utilize these resins for their components. For more information, visit www.polysource.net.


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