PolySource Adds LAPEROS® LCP to Resin Solutions

Sale of Polyplastics from Celanese to Daicel Corp. Paves the Way for LCP Distribution in North America

OVERLAND PARK, KS (November 30, 2022) – PolySource, a leading thermoplastic resin and compound distributor, today announced the company received authorization from Polyplastics to sell LAPEROS® brand liquid crystal polymer (LCP) molding and extrusions resins throughout North America.

On October 9, 2020, Celanese completed the sale of its 45 percent equity investment in Polyplastics to Daicel Corporation. This sale removed all marketing restrictions that previously covered the sale of LCP in North America, allowing Polyplastics to address the supply concerns among LCP users.

“Adding LAPEROS® LCP to our sales mix brings much needed additional supply to NA customers who, for over ten years, have been essentially single-sourced for LCP resins,” said Scott Klingler, Polyplastics North American Sales Director.

PolySource was selected to help Polyplastics bring LCP supply to North America due to their proven ability to provide application development support.

“We rely heavily on PolySource to develop new applications for all of our resins, and we’re quite pleased to add LAPEROS® to their arsenal of ‘problem-solving’ resins,” said Klingler. “PolySource is an extension of Polyplastics’ sales and development efforts, and we are excited for them to help us bring LAPEROS® to North America.”

With the addition of LCP from Polyplastics, PolySource is now able to satisfy longstanding material requests from customers.

“We’ve had customers ask us for years to carry LAPEROS® LCP, and we were always disappointed to say that we couldn’t, but now the door is finally open,” said Grant John, PolySource President. “The long history and incredible technology portfolio shared between Celanese and Polyplastics have been a huge benefit for us because the grades are so similar that the tradenames are what differentiate these two amazing polymer producers.”

LCP is immediately available from PolySource. With the addition, the company continues to be a leader in engineered plastic resin solutions as it grows its extensive list of available material solutions.


About PolySource

With a reputation for problem-solving, PolySource is a top choice for resin distribution. PolySource is a trusted name in the plastics industry, providing dynamic material solutions to help customers secure the best resin for market-specific applications. The brilliance lies with “The Fixers,” which showcases a deep knowledge of polymer material and a passion for helping others; that is what makes PolySource the valued partner customers want. To learn more about PolySource, visit us at www.polysource.net.

About Polyplastics

Polyplastics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in the development and production of engineering thermoplastics. Its product portfolio includes POM, PBT, PPS, LCP, GF-PET and COC. The company has the largest global market share of POM and LCP. With more than 50 years of experience, the company is backed by a strong global network of R&D, production, and sales resources capable of creating advanced solutions for an ever-changing global marketplace.