From Hard Work to a Bright Future: An Interview with Grant John 3/14/24

From Hard Work to a Bright Future: An Interview with Grant John 3/14/24

Grant John, Owner and CEO of PolySource, reflects on the company’s journey in an exclusive interview. PolySource’s story isn’t one of instant success, but rather a testament to a team’s relentless dedication to growth through customer focus. From its early days, PolySource distinguished itself by prioritizing technical expertise, deep customer understanding, and a collaborative approach that fosters strong supplier relationships. Read more about PolySource’s story below!


What can you tell us about the history of PolySource?

The history is rich with examples of a team determined to grow a business by helping others. We weren’t an overnight success. Our product brands early on weren’t household names. Our differentiator was investing in ourselves technically, learning as much about our customers’ business as we could, and bringing a unique approach which drove a deeper relationship as a supplier. Frankly, it was a ton of work, a lot of hours, but I can’t imagine another way. If it had happened too easily, we wouldn’t have had the chance to learn so much about our industry. Our history is built, and lived, by many good people who aligned in creating something that delivered real value to our customers.

What about the history of PolySource contributes to what makes your company unique?‌

As we grew, we noticed a pattern in our most successful and sustainable partnerships with customers and suppliers. We were collaborating internally and externally, especially technically. We found this yielded a better outcome, and sometimes a very uniquely valuable solution to the customer. We built a much deeper relationship during this collaboration which ultimately aligned with who we were as a company.


What does the future look like for PolySource?

The great thing about the history of PolySource is that it’s still being written, and I believe the best chapters are ahead of us. I don’t even think it’s arguable. We are on the cusp of some very important partnerships that will allow us to bring more solutions to a broader market. These new collaborations will allow us to truly help more of our industry. When you believe in what you are doing and you believe in who you are doing with, you naturally have fun. My goal is that we never lose that core value in our culture. It’s fun to help others.