Dealing with black specks in white FR ABS?

In today’s issue of Cliff’s Chronicles:

At PolySource, we are continually approached by customers on how to prevent or minimize black specks in white or light-colored FR ABS.

Pound for pound, FR ABS is one of the most challenging FR resins out there. The amount of FR additives in ABS is one of the highest, and the density of the final compound is ridiculously high. All those additives combine to make the resin prone to black specks caused by additive degradation during compounding and again in molding.

Cliff’s suggestion: switch to FR Polycarbonate (PC)/ABS!

When starting with a new application, we always look very closely at the pros and cons of FR ABS versus FR PC/ABS. Nine times out of ten, light colors go to FR PC/ABS just because black specks cause such a yield loss for the molder in FR ABS.

When you’re having resin issues, you can always turn to The Fixers at PolySource! Our team of experts have a vast wealth of knowledge to help you find the best resin for your application that won’t succumb to problems such as additive degradation.

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