Outdoor Insulator – Case Study

At PolySource, we pride ourselves on the technical problem solving abilities of our consultants in the field. We consistently aim to provide the best solutions for our customers, which is why our field experts are trained at every level of plastic program development. To showcase this expertise, we’ve provided a number of case studies that emphasize the PolySource advantage. We’re not just your average plastic resin distribution company, we are your partner in delivering technical solutions that your business benefits from.

Electrical/Electronic OEM

Before PolySource

Outdoor electrical insulator, currently molded in HI PA6/6


  • In a high humidity environment, part swells from moisture absorption and then becomes detached
  • In a low humidity environment, part shrinks as moisture content decreases and parts crack and become detached
  • In both conditions, electrical insulation is lost and the process shuts down

Application Requirements

  • High impact for high speed automated assembly process
  • Dimensional stability in all outdoor conditions

Bottom Line

Current HI PA6/6 parts must go through secondary exposure to near boiling water submersion, de-watered, bagged and sealed in 200 piece lots

PolySource Solution

Our technical team recommends POKETONE M730 A


  • Excellent impact properties in all outdoor conditions
  • Virtually “zero” change in dimensions with in all outdoor conditions
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties

Advantages of New Material

  • Excellent impact properties – no field breakage during installation in all outdoor conditions
  • Virtually “zero” change in dimensions resulting in no detachment from assembly and no loss of insulation in all outdoor conditions
  • Excellent electrical properties provides necessary insulation
  • No longer need secondary operations:
  • Boiling parts in water
  • Dewatering
  • Special bagging

Total Cost Savings

  • Eliminated broken parts and associated labor and replacement costs + $32,000
  • Elimination of all secondary operations, (boiling parts, dewatering, bagging and associated labor costs + $76,000
  • Created 9,000 square feet of floor space (old secondary operations) + $900,000 value
  • Increased market share over competition: $250,000
  • Sales of used equipment + $80,000
PolySource Recommended A GREATER THAN $1,400,000 in Benefits