Diagnostic UV Microplates

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Clinical laboratory OEM

Before PolySource

OEM searching for a material for microplates for high throughput screening that provides clarity to be able to withstand ultraviolet ray transmission, biocompatibility, that is sterilizable, and can provide great dimensional stability.


  • Traditional engineering plastics to not offer the necessary clarity and UV transparency, with very low autofluorescence.
  • Traditional engineering plastics polar substrate promotes adsorption, denaturation, aggregation, or precipitation.

Application Requirements

  • Glass-clear optics that can handle high UV transmissibility
  • Has good bio-compatibility with excellent resistance to aqueous and polar organic media
  • Can withstand high-energy radiation for gamma rays and ETO sterilization
  • Highly challenging tolerance levels that does not promote adsorption, denaturation, aggregation, or precipitation.
  • Complies with global medical and pharma regulations, USP Class VI, ISO 10993, BPA free and FDA compliant.

PolySource Solution


  • TOPAS COC superior optical clarity provides excellent UV transparency and low birefringence.
  • TOPAS COC provides purity, drug compatibility, and biocompatibility
  • TOPAS COC is offers low extractables and leachable, resulting in reliable and repeatable results
  • TOPAS COC offers great processability for intensive tight tolerance parts
  • Unlike other engineering thermoplastics or glass, TOPAS COC offers a non-ionic, minimally reactive surface.

Advantages of New Material

  • Can withstand high throughput screening
  • Repeatable performance

Bottom Line

  • By starting at the beginning and understanding “ALL” the complex property, processing needs, and CTQs. PolySource determined TOPAS COC to be the best candidate ensuring the customer consistent and reproducible performance.
PolySource determined TOPAS COC to be the best candidate ensuring the customer consistent and reproducible performance.