Material Case Study: Medical Device

At PolySource, we pride ourselves on the technical problem solving abilities of our consultants in the field. We consistently aim to provide the best solutions for our customers, which is why our field experts are trained at every level of plastic program development. To showcase this expertise, we’ve provided a number of case studies that emphasize the PolySource advantage. We’re not just your average plastic resin distribution company, we are your partner in delivering technical solutions that your business benefits from.

Injection Molder for Medical Devices

Before PolySource

  • Customer molding a medical device that supports ankle bone during surgery
  • PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) is typically used for parts that are being autoclaved multiple times
  • Parts pre-colored for end-use identification
  • As a result, customer “comfortable with existing PPSU material”
  • Has always worked in the past on “other” parts
  • Current pre-colored PPSU prices at ~$23.00/lb


This particular part is a used one time and thrown away after surgery. Does not require multiple autoclave cycles.

PolySource Solution

Our technical team recommends Pre-Colored PSU to Replace Pre-Colored PPSU


  • Pre-colored PSU (polysulphone) ~ $9.00/lb. replacing PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) at ~$23.00/lb.
  • PolySource worked closely with both the OEM and the molder providing all necessary technical and regulatory information
  • PolySource provided assistance for mold trial with PSU sample
  • PSU meets all application requirements

Advantages of New Material

  • Material saving of $14.00/lb.
    • 33,000 of PPSU lbs./yr. * X $23.00/lb = $759,000
    • 33,000 lbs./yr. X $9.00/lb. = $297,000
  • Lower processing temperatures
  • Shorter cycle time

Total Cost Savings

  • Annual resin savings of $462,000!
  • Energy savings
    • Lower melt temperatures
    • Shorter cycle times
  • Increased productivity
    • More parts/hr.
PolySource Recommended a $462,000 Savings Solution