Material Case Study: Converting Machined Component to Injection Molded

At PolySource, we pride ourselves on the technical problem solving abilities of our consultants in the field. We consistently aim to provide the best solutions for our customers, which is why our field experts are trained at every level of plastic program development. To showcase this expertise, we’ve provided a number of case studies that emphasize the PolySource advantage. We’re not just your average plastic resin distribution company, we are your partner in delivering technical solutions that your business benefits from.

Material Handling OEM

Before PolySource

OEM is machining a wear pad from sheet stock that requires a unique balance of wear resistance, and the ability to act as speed brake on a gravity powered armature


  • Material comes at a high price-$10.00/lb.
  • Minimum order quantity of the sheet stock requires the OEM to purchase & inventory approximately a two year supply of raw material
  • Lead time on imported raw material is 12-16 weeks
  • Machining results in a loss of 20% of the sheet product
  • Requires use of a CNC machining center and operator
  • Downstream assembly is limited due to the time it takes to machine the wear pads, which leads to labor efficiency issues
  • Overall manufacturing costs were calculated at $18.00 per wear pad, an annual expense of $150,000

PolySource Solution


  • The material meets all the customer’s applications requirements, including the same wear resistance and frictional needs
  • PolySource worked very close with our supplier to find the right material formulation
  • PolySource connected OEM with a local injection molder
  • PolySource provided assistance at each mold trial

Advantages of New Material

  • Low cost material
  • Increase raw material inventory turns
  • Eliminate large minimum order quantity and required storage space
  • Reallocate machine center and operator
  • Improve overall throughput

Total Cost Savings

  • Cut manufacturing costs – down 35%
  • Increased line efficiency
  • ROI on the injection mold – < 7 months
  • Connected OEM with local molder – additional business
PolySource Recommended A GREATER THAN $50,000 Savings