Aftermarket Filtration

At PolySource, we pride ourselves on the technical problem solving abilities of our consultants in the field. We consistently aim to provide the best solutions for our customers, which is why our field experts are trained at every level of plastic program development. To showcase this expertise, we’ve provided a number of case studies that emphasize the PolySource advantage. We’re not just your average plastic resin distribution company, we are your partner in delivering technical solutions that your business benefits from.

Injection Molder for Filtration OEM

Before PolySource

The customer had new tools built and was molding the filters out of glass-filled PA 6/6


  • The material was not performing well with the new hot runner system
  • The customer had issues with the material drooling and parts freezing off
  • High scrap rate started to become the normal for this program
  • Cycle time was becoming a huge issue
  • Current resin supplier was not able/willing to engineer the current grade being used and blamed the issues on the new tools

Application Requirements

  • 33% glass filled nylon 6/6
  • Minimum requirements on mechanical properties (tensile, flex, izod)

Bottom Line

Customer was running out of storage due to the high scrap of this program. They had accumulated over a T/L of scrap from this program alone.

PolySource Solution

Our technical team recommends a higher viscosity PA 6/6 equivalent


  • This material meets all the customer and technical applications requirements
  • PolySource worked very closely with the resin supplier to find the right material formulation for this sensitive tool
  • PolySource provided expertise at each mold trial with the high viscosity PA6/6 sample

Advantages of New Material

  • The high viscosity PA 6/6 (low melt) stopped the drooling and preventive parts from freezing off
  • Operators were able to drop material in, and focus on other tasks vs. trying to process out the material and battle through the issues
  • Target Cycle Time was being achieved
  • No more scrap!
  • Customer and OEM were beyond excited and a partnership was created!

Total Cost Savings

  • Eliminated high scrap rate/parts: + $85,000
  • More warehouse space (No more scrap parts): +(positive outcome, undefined savings)
  • Improved Cycle Time: +(positive outcome, undefined savings)
  • Customer received more tools/new programs from OEM: + $500,000
PolySource Recommended A GREATER THAN $585,000 Savings