Beyond Transactions: Building Trust and Success at PolySource An Interview With Damien Couch

Beyond Transactions: Building Trust and Success at PolySource An Interview With Damien Couch

In this exclusive interview, the Chief Development Officer and Co-Owner of PolySource, Damien Couch, shares insights into the company’s enduring success. He credits PolySource’s strong sense of urgency and collaborative spirit, forged through years of working alongside the CEO. This relentless focus on learning and exceeding customer expectations, he explains, is a core value that continues to propel PolySource forward. The interview dives deeper into how this philosophy sets PolySource apart, exploring their commitment to technical expertise, investing in customer success, and building strong partnerships.


What part of PolySource’s history do you think has prepared you for its future?

I find a lot of stability and confidence in the path that led us to this moment and our future trajectory. Grant and I worked alongside each other for many years in sales. In a way, we forged each other because we were constantly collaborating on how to grow and sharing anything we had learned, specifically when it came to the technical side of things. We figured out quickly that it was important to surround ourselves with very smart people in order to keep learning and growing. As a result, this made us a better partner and supplier to the customer. This constant drive for a deeper understanding is still very much a part of the core values of PolySource.


What sets you apart from other distributors?

We have never been transactional. We have always kept a sense of urgency about what we were engaged in with the customer. We say hustle, but with intention. Sometimes, it’s going slower to go fast, as my colleagues often say. It’s always with a level of commitment and accountability that at times has had us challenging each other to do better for the customer. That’s in our DNA as a company; finding ways to do something more for our customer. One way that we specifically strive to do more is reinvesting back into R&D for our customers. Another way we continually push to do more is by heavily prioritizing the technical training of our sales force. I believe this is ultimately what sets us apart today.


If you could ask a PolySource customer what they value most about their relationship with PolySource, what do you think they would say?

We professionally invest in our customers. What do I mean? We intentionally use our resources to strive to understand their business. From there we can help them leverage their strengths, or even develop new strengths. In turn, they can improve their business, whether it be growing through a new market we helped them develop or delivering a more effective component to the OEM. When I talk to our customers about what they value most, it’s that they trust us as a partner. Eventually that trust drives efficiency in the relationship. That’s truly the foundation of our company.